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GIF: Everybody is starting to strongly dislike Chris

by Aidan Elder | March 25, 2013

Chris Ashton is just one of those players people just love to hate. Or just hate – depending on whether or not you’re a fully paid up member of the Sweet Chariot or you’ve ever been on the end on one of his suspect tackles. If he’s not swallow-diving, getting punched in the face or taunting Frenchmen he’s high-tackling and as he didn’t score, play France or annoy Manu Tuilagi yesterday, it meant there was only on thing left to do.

Yes, he got himself into trouble again yesterday for another bad tackle, earning his fifth yellow card for Saracens this season, this time trying to relieve Quins back row, Maurie Fa’asavalu of his head. It’s an impressive tally considering (a) he’s a winger and (b) he’s spent a good bit of time on England duty.

Of course there will be plenty of people arguing that this is a witch-hunt. After all, the Ultimate Warrior did this kind of thing all the time and he never got in any trouble for it.

Here’s the GIF, which probably doesn’t do justice to the ferocity and clothes-line-yness of it, but gives you an idea nonetheless.


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