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GIF: Eye ain’t done nothing

by Aidan Elder | March 30, 2013

Eye-gouging … GRRRR! It’s the scourge of modern rugby.

But wait, that’s not 30 men sticking their heads between each others legs, that’s football – the one where they get paid loads of money for prancing around theatrically.

This happened in the Saudi Premier League the other day. We have no idea, but for some reason, Ibrahim Hazzazi (#50) of Al Ittihad takes a dislike to Abdullad Al-Zori’s eyes, deciding to poke him in the eye. It’s nasty, makes for some uncomfortable viewing and even features some suspect acting – kind of like a Saudi version of Hollyoaks.


We’re not quite sure why that necessitates so much collapsing in a heap and rolling around on the ground, but then again we’ve never been poked in the eye by a middle of the road Saudi footballer. Sure getting eye-gouged is painful, but we’re pretty sure very few opticians will recommend rolling around on the floor as a useful treatment in stopping the pain.

If it’s not exactly clear what happened, so here’s a less animated version pin-pointing the moment when Hazzazi pin-pointed Al-Zori.



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