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The ‘best’ sports related April Fools ‘pranks’

by Aidan Elder | April 1, 2013

April 1. Yes, it’s the one day of the year when telling lies is deemed a hi-larious larf and not, ya know, ‘gutter journalism’. Last night there were rumours Chelsea had sacked Rafa Benitez and Sunderland had appointed Paolo Di Canio as manager. One of those was true and apparently it was the more ridiculous one. Best of luck Black Cats fans.
Here’s some of the ‘best’ sports-related April Fools pranks of the day. And I use the word ‘best’ and ‘pranks’ advisedly.

Cabbage flavoured energy gel from Science In Sport:

The product may be fake, but the vomit I just threw up in my mouth is very real.

Playing on Chelsea’s general ridiculousness, Talksport say Roman Abramovich is to appoint himself manager at the Bridge:

There’s even a not very convincing video to back it up:

Football Manager announced they’re releasing an 1888 version of their game. It goes down surprisingly well with their target market of nerds with loads of free time.

Southampton’s Rickie Lambert wants to play for New Zealand:

You’ve got to hand to the Saints, they’ve really committed to this one:

Former F1 man, Jake Humphrey showcases the BMW pram:

The BBC’s racing correspondent, Cornelius Lysaght gives it a go with an attempt that a little bit too much ‘racing insider’:

If you’re into Greek football, this would have got your heart racing. So I’m told.

Another one for the nerds. CERN get in on the act:

Yes, I know the Higgs Boson isn’t really about sport, but it’s really about everything. That’s kind of the point.

Durex have a go. Again, not the strongest link to sport – other than a lot of sports people love over-sized headphones. And sex.

The BBC’s Conor McNamara gets all ‘retro-prank’:


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