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SHAMELESS PLUG: Play Paddy Power Bingo to get a free bet on the Grand National

by Aidan Elder | April 2, 2013

You might think it’s is all purple rinses and the faint smell of wee, but bingo these days is different. Much like a day at the races, it gets the blood pumping, and occasionally the fists. Like in this recent story:


Yes, it’s a bit of a lottery, but the potential rewards are tasty and if Lady Luck smiles on you enough that you win, you can always claim it was down to immense skill and natural brilliance – which, funnily enough, is what we do every time we happened to back a horse who has actually managed to win us some money in the Grand National.

So, you may have noticed there’s a bit of a horse race on this Saturday. And you know what makes the Grand National even better? Playing Paddy Power Bingo. We’re not sure what the connection is either, but that’s the brief we’ve been given, so let’s go with it.

Crucially for you, there’s a FREE BET available at the end of it all, so it’s in your interests to pay attention.

  • If you open a Paddy Power Bingo account between now and midnight on Friday, April 5, and bet £/€5, those lovely people who make the important decisions will give you a free £/€20 to spend on Bingo and a Free £/€1 bet on the the Grand National!
  • Customers need to sign up and spend their first £/€5 before the closing date to qualify.

Therefore, you can indulge your new-found interest in bingo and avoid the threat of geriatric violence.

Click on the big shiny banner below to register for your free bet with Paddy Power…


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