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VIDEO: A dive so bad even his own fans booed him

by Josh Powell | April 2, 2013

Putting mentos in to bottles of coke. Setting fire to a fart. Diving in an important football fixture. These acts of madness are not big and they are not clever. Especially when they cost your team-mates and result in you being booed by your own fans.

Alex Kiwomya’s dive for Chelsea’s NextGen side was so poorly executed Len Goodman would have choked on his cornflakes. It was a tremendously terrible belly-flop that would have been more at home on Splash than at the Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia. The chances of Kiwomya winning a penalty are about the same as the chances of ITV recommissioning that Tom Daley love-in they refer to as ‘entertainment’.

It was such an appalling attempt at a dive the commentator called it straight away, not one player appealed, he was booed by his own fans, and even the referee saw it. Yes, it was that bad even the referee managed to see it.

Kiwomya got his comeuppance later on in the match when he received a second yellow card and headed for an early bath. Aston Villa won the game 2-0 and were thus crowned the best youth team in Europe. Paul Lambert’s men may be struggling in the Premier League but the future looks bright on this evidence.

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