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Hi-larious GIF: Goalkeeper lets in the worst shot in history

by Aidan Elder | April 12, 2013

From the hotpot of comedy GIFs that’s otherwise known as the Brazilian Cup served up a treat last night thanks to one of the most amusing goalkeeping howlers you’re likely to see this side of whatever David James’s new Icelandic team is.

Having been teed up nicely by his team-mate, Catalano player, Danilo, rather got under his shot, ballooning it into the air and presumably over the crossbar. We’ve all done it. He even started running away to face the goal-kick. But it didn’t sail over and instead arrived in the six yard box where Nautico goalkeeper, Felipe made what’s known in technical circles as a ‘complete f*cking balls of it’. The keeper missed it completely, allowing one of the worse shots we’ve ever seen to go in. Bravo everyone.


The full video:


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