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GIF: A comedy goalkeeping howler to brighten up your Monday

by Aidan Elder | April 15, 2013

Stayed up too late watching men in silly pants fight it out over a jacket so garish even Ian Poulter doesn’t apparently want one?

Yes, it’s Monday morning and we’re all a bit narky so what we need is an example of someone making a complete tool of themselves to make ourselves feel a little bit better. Well maybe ‘better’ isn’t the right word – more ‘smug’ and still a bit narky.

Step forward Palermo goalkeeper, Steffano Sorrentino who knowing that everyone would be quite grumpy this morning and decided to provide the conmic relief by throwing himself at the ball during the Sicilians’ game with Bologna, miss it entirely and hand Manolo Gabbiadini possibly the easiest goal of his young and not very prolific career.


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