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Betdash: Learn your crust and bankroll £1 million for a Champions League attack

by Josh Powell | April 19, 2013

BetDash what if i told youBy Josh Powell | BetDash

It’s time to take off those blinkers and widen your betting ahead of the Champions League semi-finals, and the best thing is, it is almost completely risk-free.

BetDash is a low-risk high-reward environment where you can bet like a billionaire and explore a new world of sports and betting markets with the chance of winning big. This is the perfect opportunity to get stuck into the incredible variety of bets sportsbook has to offer without losing your conkers overnight.

Spend as little as £2 and then play around risk-free with your £100k virtual bankroll. The challenge is to turn over £1 million in 10 days and prove yourself to be the ultimate punter. Football and racing will serve you well but while you have the chance to gamble risk-free here are four other events this weekend that can send your bank balance sky-high.


The World Championship at the Crucible gets started on Saturday and BetDash gives you the perfect opportunity to bet on the baize. There are always a couple of short-priced players which is perfect for favourite backers or those that like to stack up an acca. All in all there’s 36 markets on every game from total frames, match handicaps and break building.

Formula One

It is the fourth Grand Prix of the season this weekend with the 20 drivers heading to Bahrain. Unless you’re a die-hard fan not many people will be setting their alarms for 8.00am on Sunday to catch the race, especially if you’re on the sauce on Saturday. But you don’t have to watch it live to make money off it. Whether you’re hoping for someone to withdraw on lap one, win by more than seven seconds or just get into the top six, there are a whopping 22 markets to explore.


The marmite sport for a lot of punters. Favourite-backers love it with the chance to build an acca full of long odds-on fancies. Punters looking for a bit of value don’t like the risk it brings. Good job BetDash is pretty much risk-free. Punt away with your £100k bankroll and if you’re still scrounging for the value get involved in the round betting or the method of victory.


The Indian Premier League is doing wonders in making cricket sexy. Not ‘Andrew Strauss wearing a skimpy outfit sexy’, that’s just wrong. More ‘fast-paced big-hitting last-minute drama and excitement sexy’. There’s plenty of value to be found and more than 20 markets on each match to suit your world of betting.

How does BetDash work?

How does it work we here you cry? Players buy into the game for a stake anything between £2 and £200 and Paddy Power will present you with a virtual bankroll of £100k. Not content with putting cold hard cash in the pockets of punters, Paddy’s giving virtual money away too! 

The challenge is to turn this £100k in to £1 million by proving yourself to be the shrewdest and smartest punter around. Over 10 days you can bet on real-world sports risking thousands of pounds as you try to break the £1 million barrier. After 10 days Paddy pays out real money based on how much you originally staked, your level of difficulty and your final bankroll.

You have the chance to win up to 25 times your original stake. So for a £5 stake you could bet like a billionaire, with very little risk and still be cashing out a tidy £125 at the end of it. If you hit the £100 million mark on the game you could win up to 1,000 times your original stake.

For a £20 stake you could bet like a billionaire and winning enough to pay for a new car or a fortnight abroad. Not to mention a seriously good night on the town.

This is a completely new way of betting and it gives you the chance to punt on new sports or try new multiples with very little risk. Prove yourself to be a brilliant gambler, win real money, punt like a billionaire and all without risking whatever football club you own.

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