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GIF: Another 9 seconds of some of the worst football you’re ever likely to see

by Aidan Elder | April 27, 2013

We’ve seen rather a lot of comedy football moments in the last fortnight or so. That’s partly because Aston Villa have been on television a lot recently, but it’s also thanks to the power of the interweb. First we found this delightful series of cock-ups in a Hungarian league match and not long after, a Paddy Power Twitter follower pointed us in the direction of this even more LOL-ful clip which has since gone global.

Well, if you thought that was all the comedy football the world has to offer, then fear not. This happened in Uruguay recently and it might just top them all. Demonstrating the type of poor set-piece defending we normally only see from Reading, are Cerro who make a dogs dinner of dealing with a moderately threatening corner, allowing Danubio to score.

What’s most impressive is how the goalscorer, Leonardo Melazzi wheels away in celebration, almost as if he’s proud to have his name associated with such incompetence. His team ended up losing 3-1 so it was only a consolation goal. The consolation of making lots and lots of people laugh.



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