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How Mark Lawrenson’s tips would have cost you a summer holiday in Barbados

by Josh Powell | April 30, 2013

Lawro hdr

By Josh Powell | Betting news

A white sandy beach stretching 150 metres. A beauty spa. Three pools and a jacuzzi. Unlimited cocktails brought over to you as you lazily sway in your hammock. It sounds like heaven, and that is the equivalent to the amount of money Mark Lawrenson has thrown away with some spectacularly bad tipping.

Lawro has been trying to pick winners all season with about as much success as trying to pull off that tired mullet of his. A £10 bet on each one of his tips would have resulted in punting £3,390 so far and returning a loss over £1,400. The same as a fully paid luxurious seven-day stay in the four star Amaryllis Beach Resort in Barbados. Nice.

Most pundits tend to get a healthy bashing off football fans and rightly so for their bland, monotone opinions and sweeping generalisations about players they haven’t even seen on the pitch. Here’s some solid statistical evidence to back up the argument that they don’t have the foggiest.

£10 on every PL match Lawro tipped this season:

£10 on every PL correct score Lawro tipped this season:


MARK MY WORDS: Lawro pulls out another whopper

Mark Lawrenson spends his time at the BBC nonchalantly tipping results like this Newcastle win at the weekend, but you’d have to be as unstable as a badger on acid to follow his lead.

In fairness to Lawro his record isn’t as bad as that large red writing above first appears. He does get a fair whack of results spot on but they are often the Manchester United’s, Chelsea’s and Manchester City’s where the odds hover around the 4/7 mark or lower. Credit where it is due though as if you’d backed Lawro’s correct scores in the last eight weeks, you would have been up on seven of them.

There are just over three weeks left of the Premier League and barring an even better red-hot streak from Lawro on the correct scores he won’t make back his dough. Punters however have been emptying Paddy’s pockets by paying no attention to bumbling ‘experts’ and showing off their tactical nous. In the last month alone Paddy has had to fork out on the following big-priced gambles.

Punters have been showing Lawrenson and co the way it should be done with some genius (and let’s be honest, at times, incredibly flukey) Premier League punts. With three rounds of games to go Paddy is bracing himself from an end-of-season onslaught and a bucketload of big-priced winners.

Just don’t follow Mark Lawrenson.

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