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[VIDEO]: Linesman attacks player for no reason, confused brawl ensues

by Rob Dore | April 30, 2013

Let me introduce you to Musa Kadyrov. He’s now an ex-linesman thanks to what you’re about to see in the below video. During a Russian Premier League game between Amkar and Terek last Friday, Mr Kadyrov inexplicably lost the plot and suddenly attacked Amkar youth player Ilya Krichmara. It’s hard to see a clear reason why he turned on poor Ilya from this video and as of yet Kadyrov has offered no explanation.

So mental was this incident that both set of players instinctively formed a brawl formation but there was little direction to it.

One moronic Terek player (10 seconds in) tries to get a punch up started but the shock of a linesman going mental seems to have confused the rest of the players too much to really get going.

Kadyrov has been handed a lifetime ban by the Russian FA. Maybe he should have just bitten the player instead.

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