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Yes, Moyes hasn’t won at Anfield, but here’s why Everton have hope

by Aidan Elder | May 3, 2013
Marouane Fellaini

THAT’S MO’ LIKE IT: Fellaini and co can finally get David Moyes a win at Anfield (pic: Inpho)

By Aidan Elder | Chief sports writer

It’s Merseyside Derby time. And that can mean only one thing – an abundance of terrible Scouse impressions. One thing you’re also going to hear about a lot is David Moyes’s awful, terrible, atrocious, abysmal and other such sensationalist words record at Anfield. Since taking charge of the Toffees in 2002, the Everton boss has yet to win in front of the Kop. Tut tut.

While the headline stat is true, it’s also a case of the media spinning a stat to suit make it more sensational. It’s being spun and presented to make it sound like Moyes suddenly becomes a blubbering buffoon whenever he makes the short trip across Stanley Park. The picture is being painted that Anfield is to Moyes what kryptonite is to Superman, garlic is to Dracula or a pair of female breasts is to Ricky Martin. That’s a notion every bit as ridiculous as ever thinking the man responsible for giving us ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ was mad after the ladies.

The truth is it’s not as bad as all that. Yes, it isn’t good, especially because it involves your local rivals, but it’s far from getting totally annihilated every time they set foot in Anfield.

In ten games, Moyes has lost five times, but he’s also managed to come away with five draws. Using my best recollections of playschool maths, that means Everton haven’t been beaten on half of their visits to Anfield under Moyes. It’s not great form, but not quite as hopeless as Tony Hibbert’s goalscoring record. Chin up both Toffees fans and Liverpool haters.


What’s more is the Toffees have generally given good accounts of themselves in Anfield. When they have been beaten, there’s rarely that much to separate the sides. If you lump draws and narrow one goal defeats together, that accounts for 80 per cent of the results Everton have got under Moyes at Anfield. In full, that not totally dismal record reads:

  • Draws x 5
  • One goal defeats x 3
  • Two goal defeats x 1
  • Three goal defeats x 1

That much coveted three points remains as elusive as Luiz Suarez’s self-restraint. But now might be the right time to get the monkey off Moyesy’s back and beat that monkey into permanent submission. Everton are deservedly ahead of Liverpool at present and playing well enough to justify confidence about winning. With the enigmatic Uruguayan still picking bits of Ivanovic out of his teeth in the stands, the Reds are vulnerable. Despite the poor record, Everton could well be worth a nibble this Sunday.

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