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Hate real-life Monopoly? Trading with Paddy Power Bingo instead could help you share £1m (and avoid family punch-ups)

by Paddy Power Admin | May 7, 2013

Does anyone ever want to be the thimble?

How many families have nearly come to blows over who gets to be the racecar?

The top hat, the dog, the cannon are all acceptable but tears have been shed by those left to choose between the iron and the thimble.

Playing real-life Monopoly with your family and friends creates the potential for deep resentment which can take years to get over. And it takes ages.

In fact, and this is a real fact, the longest game ever played lasted 70 days. Who has that kind of time? Not us, we have pictures of our breakfast to tweet.

Playing Paddy Power’s Bingo Monopoly and other new games are a whole new experience. Here’s why:

  • You can be the racecar every time;
  • Your brother/sister/dad isn’t stealing money from the bank;
  • We have loads of new bingo games including MegaJackpots Cluedo;
  • Oh, and there’s a £1m jackpot to be won between May and August this year;

We probably should have led with the jackpot part…

Paddy Power Bingo’s new games, including Monopoly, are part of the £1m MegaJackpots Power Prize Draw giveaway which runs over  the next four months. To qualify all you have to do is play one of our new MegaJackpots games and you’ll be entered in to the draw.

This month, £250,000 has been released from the £1,000,000 MegaJackpots Power Prize Draw and 250 players will be picked to win £1,000 each this month. All you have to do is play the MegaJackpots side games.

For full details and to sign up click here, or via the banner below, and come back each month for the chance to win the other part of the £1m prize!

If you like Monopoly but you don’t like your family then the Paddy Power Bingo option is for you. Even if you do like your family there’s £1m to share. For that kind of money we’d be the thimble.

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[Trade up and see a full list of Paddy Power Bingo’s new games here]

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