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Rail gone kid: Who’s pulled down Paddy Power’s billboard advertisements?

by Paddy Power Admin | May 10, 2013


Britain’s Network Rail have decided to have a go at state censorship. The public transport company has taken exception to Paddy Power’s billboard advertisements in the fallout from the retirement of football manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Yesterday, we revealed on the Paddy Power Blog that we’d emblazoned some cheeky news on Europe’s largest full motion digital screen in Liverpool. That billboard suggested that a scouser has had two wishes fulfilled with Margaret Thatcher departing and Sir Alex Ferguson retiring, so Liverpool winning the League must be the third and final wish. The ad went up outside Liverpool Lime Street station and with a brilliant reaction to it locally and on social media Paddy Power decided to roll it out nationally on advertising sites at railway stations.

[How we announced the news via Twitter on Thursday, and below fans’ reaction]

However, Network Rail has had other ideas and have rejected the campaign from spreading to sites over which it had advertising control, nationally in the UK.

With customer complaints clearly being something Network Rail takes very seriously Paddy Power has looked at the real bugbear for most rail passengers and have given odds of 20/1 that there will be a reduction in average train fares in January 2014 compared to the rise of fares in January 2013.

  • Let Network Rail know what you think via their Twitter account @networkrail
  • Or tell Paddy what you think via our Twitter @paddypower

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