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Commander Chris Hadfield takes astronauts to alien territory

by Aidan Elder | May 13, 2013


By Aidan Elder | Chief space correspondent

The name of Chris Hadfield may not ring too many bells, but as long as you’re not a technophobe or a member of the Amish community, there chances are you’ve seen one of the amazing pictures he has taken of the earth from the International Space Station.

Yes, it’s kind of like very long distance voyeurism, but it’s also produced some amazing photography. Once again Commander Hadfield has became the focus of attention, this time releasing a surprisingly tuneful version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity filmed on board the space station about 250 miles above us.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking – ‘it’s amazing, he’s got a moustache but my first instinct isn’t to call my friends and tell them to keep their children inside’. You might also be thinking ‘wow, he can sing’. During his time floating above the planet, Commander Hadfield has become an internet celebrity. In fact, the people over at Forbes magazine called him:

Perhaps the most social media savvy astronaut ever to leave Earth …

although admittedly that can’t be a title with a huge amount of competitors vying for it. With the Canadian astronaut set for a return to Earth, the question is what next for the celebrity spaceman?

As ever, Paddy Power have put on the thinking space helmets and come up with some specials – some less ‘little green men with giant heads’ than others. Hadfield is 1/12 to get at least 1 million Twitter followers by the end of 2013 (currently 821k) and 5/2 to have a cameo on the Simpsons before the end of 2014. The bad news is that the odds of the programme ever being funny again are much higher.

Chris Hadfield

He’s even 100/1 to one day become US President, which is pretty much like throwing money into the vast expanses of space as being Canadian, it would take some serious rule-changing to allow that one. Back on Earth, Hadfield is a tempting 12/1 to duet with David Bowie in a TV appearance this year, something which Canadians are allowed to do.

One more space related themes, Hadfield is 25/1 to be part of a manned mission to Mars and 20/1 to be Time Person of the Year 2013.

If he knew half as much about space travel as he does about creating social media gold, we would have already opened a can of whuppass on some civilisation on the other side of the universe. For the moment, the only small creatures with elongated foreheads who we can force to run around for our entertainment are Ant and Dec.


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