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GIF: Mark van Bommel ends career as you’d expect from Mark van Bommel

by Aidan Elder | May 13, 2013

Mark van Bommel’s professional career came to an emotional end yesterday in the Dutch Eredivisie.

Well ’emotional’ in the sense that the emotion was pain and it was mostly belonging to Dusan Tadic. The Twente striker had the honour of being the last player to come off second best in a coming together with the dirty controversial Dutch midfielder. Van Bommel received his marching orders with 20 minutes still to play and brought the curtain down on a career laced with success, midfield excellence and lorry loads of mistimed tackles.

Yes, it looks worse in slow motion, but it’s van Bommel, so the well of tolerance dried up in around 2010.


And in case you were feeling any pangs of sympathy – here he is clattering into someone and then trying to pinch an opponent’s penis:


Have a look at our compilation of sporting randomness in our GIF archive, which features minimal penis pinching


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