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Twitter reaction to Denmark’s win in Eurovision 2013

by Sean Goff | May 18, 2013

GREAT DANE:  Emmelie stole Eurovision hearts

Eurovision 2013 | The winners and losers

So there we have it for another year as Denmark  win comfortably with 281 points and Paddy will have to dig deep on the entry that cornered a third of the market.

The story of the night – apart from the winner – was was the abysmal showing of Ireland and the UK. Bonnie Tyler finished 19th for England, while Ryan Dolan came last for Ireland with Only Love Survives securing just five votes.

Graham Norton managed to live broadcast for the BBC and fed the Twitter machine at the same time.

Team Norton tweeted at 10.58pm.

Don’t know what put the Terry idea in their head….

Prince Charles may have been watching ..

After Ireland’s abysmal tally the familiar cry goes up:

But really this is what it all boils down to

Until next year.


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