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Next Everton Manager Odds – The 5 men you’ve been backing most

by Aidan Elder | May 20, 2013
GUS POYET - Winner of the 2012 'Gurning While Fighting An Invisible Giant' World Championships

GUS POYET – Winner of the 2012 ‘Gurning While Fighting An Invisible Giant’ World Championships

By Aidan Elder | Chief sports writer

‘We’re in no hurry to appoint a replacement’ was the news coming out of Goodison Park after it was confirmed that David Moyes would be leaving to do a Sir Alex Ferguson impression at Old Trafford. And that initial claim has proven be the case as we’re as close to finding out who the successor is as Marouane Fellaini is to appearing on the cover ‘Sensible Haircuts Monthly’.

There’s been no shortage of rumour, counter rumour and what we’re guessing is managers starting gossip about themselves in the hope of getting some attention. But the names that appeared towards the top of the Next Everton Manager betting at the beginning are mostly all up there a week and a half later. It still looks as open as a Who’d like to punch Justin Bieber?’ competition. Here’s a run down of the men who have been heaviest backed to land the Toffees job:
(Prices subject to change – Latest odds here)

20.30 update: USA national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann in to 7/2 from 16s; Cardiff boss Malky MacKay comes in to 8/1 after a flurry of online and retail bets.

Roberto Martinez – 5/2

The Wigan manager was a popular choice from the outset, but since the vacancy became available he’s also landed an FA Cup. That was great timing if he was trying to put himself in the shop window and even better timing if he was hoping to distract people from the fact the Latics actually got relegated. He’s got his strong points, he’s got his flaws, but you’ve made him favourite for the Everton job for the vast majority of this betting heat.

What he’s got going for him:

  • He’s essentially available after Wigan got relegated
  • No-one seems to have noticed Wigan got relegated

Neil Lennon – 6/1

At no point during the last couple has the Celtic manager said he wants the job or intends to leave Celtic Park. Clearly ‘I’m not leaving Celtic’ is clever double-speak for ‘I’m definitely leaving Celtic and going to Everton’ based solely on the number of bets coming in for Lennon (41). Despite expressing minimal interest in the job, he’s the second most backed man in the book. His credentials are interesting, but whether or not winning two horse and then one horses races is adequate experience for managing the Toffees is far less certain.

What he’s got going for him:

  • Has won stuff
  • Always seems about one hissy fit away from quitting Scottish football for good

Phil Neville – 7/1

The odds for the younger and less grating Neville (36) to get the job have been up and down like Jordan’s knickers, but he has now nestled snugly towards the top of the betting that’s to steady support from the betting public. He hung up his combative midfielder boots on Sunday, but he’s likely to replace them with combative coaching boots in the near future. It would be a surprise to see him get the Everton job with such little experience, but then again, it was a surprise that Everton gave Andy van der Meyde money to be a professional footballer, so this is a club with a history of daring and somewhat ill-advised risks.

What he’s got going for him:

  • He’s a club hero
  • Has hung around with some good managers long enough to maybe learn something

Alan Stubbs – 5/1

Not dissimilar to Neville, Stubbs’ odds have been up and down like Christina Aguilera’s dress size but some sustained support has seen him become one of the most popular choices in the betting. Former Toffee penalty-smasher, David Unsworth gave his former team-mate a vote of confidence and illustrating how little news we’ve had on the subject in recent days, people actually treated it like his it was major news rather than one man saying he supports his mate.

What he’s got going for him:

  • He’s a club hero
  • Has already got his foot in the Everton coaching door and wouldn’t even need a new security pass

Gus Poyet – 5/1

It’s not really possible to have a ‘bolter’ in a market that’s been trundling along so slowly, but if there is, Poyet is the man. Ironically, getting knocked out of the play-offs with Brighton seems to have improved his credentials in the eyes of punters because since his season ended prematurely, he’s been well backed for the job.

What he’s got going for him:

  • Looks like he’s rather good at this managerial lark
  • He’s got a better track record than a lot of his supposed rivals

Also Worth A Mention

Malkay Mackay is closing in fast on the top five after a slew of bets on the newly crowned Championship manager of the year. His price is in to 5/1 but what does it say about his confidence in his own abilities if he doesn’t at least give the Premier League a crack with Cardiff? Or maybe he just hates Wales.
David Weir has found some backers too. The former player and current Everton coach would certainly appeal to Bill Kenwright’s love of not spending money. His 14/1 price puts him on the outside of the betting for now.
And for some reason people still think Jurgen Klinsmann is a good manager. Or at least good enough for Everton There have been some sizeable bets on the German who is now just 6/1 to get the job. His stints with Bayern Munich and the US national team have shown he’s not very good without Joachim Loew doing the actual managing.

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