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WEDDING FUND: One man’s dream of a better big day begins with Carl Froch

by Paddy Power Admin | May 24, 2013

Paul Mallon | Wedding fund

I’ve always been a nibbler, especially of biscuits. Toffee Pops, if you’re offering. But thanks to a combination of never-ending national economic turmoil, a personal savings strategy loosely based on Arthur 2, and a fondness for placing bets after a few shandies, this weekend presents a starting point to punt my way to a better wedding.

  • Monaco GP.
  • Champions League Final.
  • Froch v Kessler II.
  • Donegal v Tyrone.
  • Temple Stakes at Haydock.
Sole Power at York

I’VE GOT THE POWER: Sole Power, that is, who races in the Temple Stakes

Sport on a Saturday or Sunday doesn’t get much better than this weekend. Actually, I’m even missing the Froch fight as have been summoned to the future in-laws for a night of Excel-sheet planning and red wine. Ain’t that a punch in the head.

I’m starting with a £100 kitty and will try to turn that into at least £3,000, by the first week of November 2013. Each Friday, in gruesome detail, I’ll reveal which weekend sports events I believe are worth a punt and previous results. You can choose to follow that advice, or simply join in the laughter when I have to approach the guy who sings into a soggy chipbag outside my local to be my wedding band. Or my wife if this all goes horribly wrong.

Must avoid a Froch-ing nightmare

These bets will swerve between straight-up, sure-fire steamers and ridiculous long shots. But, hey, ask any bookie – sport is bat-shit crazy so anything can happen, and usually does.

Oh, let’s just keep this all to ourselves too, as I don’t want the fiancée to find out. Yet. Balls out on the first week.

I asked PP for a pay rise. He said no chance, and suggested the best he could do was a tip for his mum’s horse, Sole Power, who runs in the Temple Stakes at Haydock on Saturday. Cheers, Paddy. Thought hard about that one, didn’t you?

Otherwise, after seeing the shape Carl Froch was in during his Friday afternoon weigh-in, I’m all aboard that train ahead of his IBF super-middleweight title at the O2 in London on Saturday night.

May 24 wedding fund bets | week one

Betting scale

  • 1-point bet. Finger of fudge (having a nibble)
  • 2-point bet. Milky Way (snack)
  • 3-point bet. Purple Snack (fancy it)
  • 4-point bet. Biscuit Yorkie (All over this)
  • 5-point bet. Pack of Hob-Nobs (lumping on)

Twitter: @paulmallon1

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