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Britain’s Got Talent semi-final latest: Where does your favourite stand?

by Josh Powell | May 28, 2013

Luminites hdr

Britain’s Got Talent 2013 – 30

Two more acts made their way through to next week’s final as a couple of the well-fancied singers got the boot and threw the betting wide open.

Welsh brick-layer Robbie Kennedy and shy student Rosie O’Sullivan were well-fancied to get through Thursday’s semi-final but, despite strong performances and good comments from the judges, the public weren’t so convinced. Kennedy was as short as 14/1 and Rosie was 25/1 going into the live semi-final.

Unsurprisingly the Luminites were given the golden spot and performed last, with Simon Cowell dubbing them the ‘British Black Eyed Peas’. Presumably meaning that one of them will end up hosting some sort of karaoke contest alongside Tom Jones in the next five years. They sailed through and are as short as 4/1 to win the final, pushing sandwich shop duo Richard and Adam even further out in the betting, to 13/2.

The shock of the night came as Pre-Skool and Joseph Hall were left fighting it out for the last Final spot, leaving Robbie and Rosie on the way back home. The judges couldn’t decide but the dancing school kids nailed the public vote and will be dancing again in the final. Paddy wasn’t too convinced but has cut them into 20/1 meaning they’re slightly ahead of onesie-loving Gabz in the betting.

Who is through?

Richard and Adam:
 12/1 7/2 13/2
Arisxandra Libantino: 20/1 12/1 20/1 40/1

Jack Carroll: 20/1 6/1 
Gabz Gardiner: 25/1 20/1 25/1

Luminites: 6/1 20/1 4/1
Pre-Skool: 100/1 33/1 20/1 

Who got the boot?

Band of Voices

Bosom Buddies
Youth Creation
Philip Green
J Unity
Aaron Crow
Martin Healy

Alice Fredenham
Meat Diva
Martin and Marielle
Jack and Cormac

Stevie Pink

Rosie O’Sullivan
Thomas Bounce
Robbie Kennedy
Joseph Hall
MC Boy

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Britain’s Got Talent 2013 – May 28

JLo. Wow. If you haven’t seen last night’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-final results show, get it on catch-up later and just make sure everyone else has left the room. Beside her booty there were laughs, injuries, some debatable dancing and a few surprise eliminations on last night’s show that rocked the betting.

Comedian Jack Carroll justified his tag of jolly for the second semi-final and sailed through on the public vote. His one-liners about Bruce Forsyth, Simon Cowell and Kim Jong-Un went down a storm with the audience and on the Twitter wagon. The 14-year-old had Paddy in stitches and his price has tumbled from 20/1 into 7/2, ahead of sandwich shop boys Richard and Adam.

A comedian has never won the talent show but pros like Frankie Boyle are helping young Jack’s cause with some Internet-based support. Now if only he could remember his name.

Gabz (real name Gabrielle) displayed a frighteningly large collection of onesies in her VT and then sang the same catchy tune she belted out in her audition. Simon Cowell said the song was a hit, David Williams said it should be on ITunes and Amanda Holden declared that Gabz was like a young Lily Allen. I have slept on it and still can’t figure out if that is a compliment.

She easily won the show-down with young Irish singers Jack and Cormac, who displayed awkward dance moves more commonly seen at weddings, birthdays and Saturday nights in the centre of Dublin. All four judges put her through slicing her price from 25/1 to 20/1.

Alice Fredenham was the biggest casualty of the night. The ‘is she confident, is she not’ singer had been as short as 6/1 but her crocodile tears didn’t sit well with the public last night who duly booted her off.

Britain’s Got Talent 2013 – May 27

The first semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent had it all, a worthy winner, a judges deadlock and a priest dancing with a mop dressed as a nun. Just a normal Monday night then.

Sandwich-shop brothers Richard and Adam received a standing ovation after their rendition of Westside Warble. The duo benefited from being last on stage before the phone lines opened, and you could practically see the dollar signs in Simon Cowell’s eyes when he gave his verdict on the performance.

‘Some acts were better in the auditions than they were tonight but I think you were the opposite. I tell you what, you won’t be back in the sandwich shop.’

All three of the other judges raved about the pair as well but nobody actually cares about their opinion. The sandwich shop story is being well-milked as is their overly excited Nan who looks like she is one big performance away from a mild heart-attack.

You’d expect them to perform strongly again come the final and their price has been slashed accordingly. After opening up at 12/1 they were cut to 5/1 before going into the 7/2 second favourites after last night’s epic performance.

The judges then went to deadlock over Youth Creation and Arisxandra, sending the battle of the crying kids to the public vote. The Nation correctly put 11-year-old Arisxandra into the final after her rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’ raised the roof.

Cowell said that it was one of the best performances of the night and the Twitter family agreed, with One Direction’s Niall Horan tweeting that he had goosebumps. Paddy cut her price from 20/1 to 12/1 now she’s in the final but supporters will be worried that the singers vote could easily get split with two strong vocalists already in the final.

Richard and Adam

Arisxandra Libantino

Jack Carroll

Gabz Gardiner



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