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GIF: Man painfully proves he can jump over about four and half people

by Aidan Elder | June 5, 2013

A couple of weeks after the end of the Premier League season and we’re not scratching around for amusing GIFs that have only a vague link to sport. No way. Whatever gave you that impression?

Like this example of elite long jumping taken from somewhere in the world. Yes, that one guy is wearing a gawdy ‘U-S-A’ t-shirt you generally see when rednecks are proudly defending their right to shoot each other, but equally there looks to be a guy wearing a gawdy union jack t-shirt and guys wearing Jamaican and Spanish colours, so we’re not sure where it’s from.

Anyway it doesn’t really matter because this is all about the international language of comedy GIF pain. Despite his best efforts, the big guy, doesn’t quite clear the guy at the end. There’s a lesson to be learned for all of us – namely, next time one of your larger friends tries to prove his athleticism by telling you  ‘I could easily jump over five of you’ tell him to prove it with four and then you might get involved.

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