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Spin when you’re winning: Get a free bet simply by playing Live Casino

by Josh Powell | June 6, 2013

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The saying ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ is one normally banded around by your mum/wife or girlfriend as she reluctantly hands over a tenner that both of you know full well will either be spent on a bet or at the pub.

She was right, it doesn’t grow on trees, but you can get a free £10 bet off Paddy Power this week, and this tenner doesn’t come with any disapproving looks.

To qualify for this free £10 sports bet you just need to have a dabble on Paddy’s Live Casino. Simple right? You might even win some money on the roulette wheel and then everybody’s happy. Everybody apart from Paddy and the shareholders who will soon realise that giving away money is in fact the most ridiculous business idea ever. But everyone else is chuffed.

If you’re not familiar with Paddy’s Live Casino, it’s essentially like being in Las Vegas with far less risk of you catching a sexually transmitted disease, marrying a hooker or spending a night in the cells.

To cash in on your free bet from Paddy you could take a spin on the roulette wheel. There’s every chance of you making some money and keeping you entertained before you use your free bet.

  • Roulette is the fairest game in the casino. The bookie has an edge of just 2.7 per cent over the average guy thanks to the number ‘0’.
  • The roulette ball always goes around clockwise, while the wheel spins anticlockwise
  • If you added up all the numbers on the roulette wheel you’d get up to 666. This is why plenty of people refer to it as the ‘Devil’s Game’.
  • In 2009 Derren Brown wagered £5,000 on number eight attempting to predict the ball would land there using the law of physics live on TV. He was close, but not close enough, as the ball landed in the next slot along on number 30.
  • London punter Ashley Revell sold everything he owned and went to Vegas to gamble his entire net worth on red. It was probably the dumbest idea since somebody nick-named the Titanic ‘The Unsinkable Ship’, but this is how he got on. 


The offer is available for all new Live Casino customers and ends at midnight on June 9 2013.

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