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RACING REFUND MANIA: Some of you have ruined Paddy’s Saturday

by Paddy Power Admin | June 8, 2013

It’s not all Photoshopping John Terry, slagging #sadblokes on Twitter, and flying basketball loons to the Vatican.

Yes, Paddy Power likes to do some serious business too, mainly on horse racing. For they are a serious bunch of punters.

So, if you’re a Paddy Power customer your pocket might feel a little fuller this glorious Saturday afternoon.

Our latest Money-Back Special has clicked four times today on live Channel 4 horse racing.

If you backed the favourite in any Channel 4 race on Saturday and it finished second, we refunded your losing single stake on that race.

Paddy clearly had too much sauce sun when he came up with that one.

Here’s the list of those beaten favourites…

  • 2.05 Haydock (Sun Central beaten by De Rigueur 11/2)
  • 2.55 Newmarket (Enrol beaten by Nocturn 3/1)
  • 3.15  Haydock (Pastoral Player beaten by Amarillo 10/1)
  • 3.50 Haydock (Gracia Directa beaten by Artistic Jewel 8/1)

Right now, Paddy has dragged himself away from the television and is busy orchestrating the shovelling of piles of cash (a high six-figure sum) back into the accounts of Paddy Power customers.

Reinvest, or buy yourself an Iceberger to celebrate. It’s your call because with Paddy Power’s Money-Back Specials we refund real cash, not free bets like some other chancers. It’s an insurance policy, a second chance for punters, and a damn good thing. Huzzah!

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