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GIF: Kid steals baseball that attractive woman probably wasn’t going to catch

by Aidan Elder | June 10, 2013

This happened the other day over in the world of Major League Baseball, or as we like to call it, American Cricket. You know, the one that’s like rounders only they play about 150 games and THEN the season starts to get interesting.

Anyway, they have this habit of using a baseball for about one play and throwing it into the crowd for fans to have as a memento that they’ll later try to sell on e-bay only to find it’s actually worth sweet FA because no-one cares about regular season baseball games.

This attractive woman must have thought she was going to be uploading to the auction website in the very near future. Sadly her enthusiasm wasn’t matched by her sensory-motor skills and an opportunistic and far more coordinated kid swoops to steal the worthless bounty. It’s – quite literally – a victory for the little guy – and anyone who likes GIFs featuring lots of amusing re-actions from fellow fans in the background.

She was never going to catch it. Look at how rigid and poorly positioned her hands are. That might be enough to get you a cap or two as an England goalkeeper, but it doesn’t cut it in the MLB souvenir industry.

And in the interests of ying and yang, if you’d like to see a kid faring less well at a baseball game, then this is for you

Thanks to @TheBigLead

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