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Wedding fund: It’s Dan Henderson or me – someone is getting beaten to a bloody pulp this weekend

by Paddy Power Admin | June 14, 2013

By Paul Mallon | Wedding Fund

‘Hindsight is a fool’s foresight.’ So says the great Ruby Walsh.

There’s little use moaning about bogey tips on horse racing favourites such as Dawn Approach and Sole Power that went Tesco-shaped. Or the fact that McLaren decided to have a stinker in qualifying for the Canadian GP and blew Sergio Perez’s chances.

OK, so the wedding fund (aimed at financing a nuptials upgrade in November) isn’t going exactly to plan right now but I’ve got until November and usually peak around X Factor time. At least that’s what I’m telling herself.

Rashad Evans

GRRRR, ETC: Rashad Evans, who resembles an angry Ms Wedding Fund

I’ve a record of three bets from nine, which in international goalscoring terms is the equivalent of Fernando Torres for Spain.

See, stats are for spinning.

In reality, my form has been more Torres at Chelsea. That’s inconsistent, sulky and, well, a bit shit.

Also, Ruby’s phone must have been dead so he couldn’t pass on the tip that he was onto a good thing with Diakali in Paris during the week.

It’s time to curse the UFC

Four weeks ago I started with £100 to play with. Now I’ve got £101 and some loose change.

Recent weekends have seen detailed, sensible wedding planning interrupted by sporting events. First, Carl Froch, followed by the Epsom Derby and last week the Canadian GP.

This weekend I’m upping the ante. Upping the auntie even. A nice trip with the future-in-laws and co ‘down the country’ for a wedding anniversary coincides with a juicy UFC fight.

So, the plan is to gather round a hotel bar, have a nice dinner and celebrate her parents’ rock-steady marriage. Then we can all stay up til 3am on Sunday to watch Rashad Evans beat Dan Henderson to a bloody pulp. Or get knocked out trying. It’s him or me.

Ah, romance.

Week 4. In the kitty: £101 (3.36% of target)

June 14 #weddingfund bets | week four

Betting scale

  • 1-point bet. Finger of fudge (having a nibble)
  • 2-point bet. Milky Way (snack)
  • 3-point bet. Purple Snack (fancy it)
  • 4-point bet. Biscuit Yorkie (all over this)
  • 5-point bet. Pack of Hob-Nobs (lumping on)

Twitter: @paulmallon1

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