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GIF: GAA player gets nailed in hit that’s almost as late as it is entertaining

by Aidan Elder | June 16, 2013

It’s safe to say the DVD of today’s Cavan v Fermanagh match won’t be a big seller. It might even lag behind ‘the Best of the Saturday Night Show’, which is really a damning indictment. Sadly, it largely conformed with the lazy stereotype about Ulster football being a brutal gladiatorial battle. Like Rome’s Coliseum only with fans drinking TK Red Lemonade in the stands.

In-between vomiting on the floor of the RTE studio, resident grump, Pat Spillane got it together long enough to wheel out the old chesnut ‘we have to ask ourselves what type of game do we want?’ while after being talked in from the 1st floor ledge of the building, Colm O’Rourke blamed handpassing for some reason rather than the cynical tactics abject lack of skill.

It did however provide this whopper of a hit. The victim was Cian Mackey of Cavan who made the rookie mistake of thinking it was a game of football. He gets nailed with a late ‘tackle’ from Sean Quigley of Fermanagh. He later got booked for the tackle, which many people will see as a fair cop for trying to knock an opponent into the qualifiers.

Don’t worry – everything worked out ok. After some lengthy treatment, Mackey carried on and the game eventually finished, which is all anyone could have hoped for.


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