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GIF: You think your head hurts this morning? At least you’re not this MLB pitcher

by Aidan Elder | June 16, 2013

We love baseball in the Paddy Power offices. Not because of the actual sport which moves at a pace that makes Test cricket look like it’s hopped up on a cocktail of cheap amphetamines, but because of the steady stream of hi-larious GIFs it has been coughing up lately.

First we had over-anxious Dad flattening his kid, then came kid stealing a baseball from attractive woman‘ and after that there was drunk guy falling down in the background.

Add to the ever increasing collection this one. Tampa Bay Rays pitcher, Alex Cobb gets thumped in the head by a line drive from Kansas City’s Eric Hosmer. Don’t feel too bad about watching it repeatedly, it turned out Cobb was perfectly fine. Apart from the mild concussion.

Pah! Mild concussion? Try navigating your way through an evening of two for one Jagerbombs at Gropers nightclub. That’ll make your head hurt.



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