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VIDEO: How to upset some Aussies without the need for a bad Harold Bishop impression

by Aidan Elder | June 16, 2013


This summer is pretty much all about sporting rivalries with Australia. In a few days, the Lions take on the Wallabies in the first Test and not long after that, England will take immense joy in winning the Ashes against a bunch of Baggy Greens in huge and very enjoyable turmoil.

There’s already been plenty of words exchanged between the various teams involved in the rivalry, but thankfully, the good people running the World Hockey League semi-finals in the Netherlands have shown us a great way to get under the skin of the Aussies. It’s simple really play the New Zealand national anthem instead of the Australian one.

The players’ reactions are brilliant. Most of them are caught been furious outrage and seeing the funny side. It seemed to do the trick because they ended up losing 3-1 to Belgium.

To add the cherry on top, a Dutch guy uses the PA system to meekly apologise for the silly mistake. Stupid Germans!


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