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VIDEO: Enjoy how a pointless Sri Lankan haka causes a mini-riot

by Aidan Elder | June 17, 2013

What a weekend of top quality sport. There was so much to choose from – the Lions, the Confederations Cup, Justin Rose not being a total choker at the US Open. It’s hard to pick our favourite moment, but a clear contender comes from the Bradby Shield – the jewel in the crown of the Sri Lankan schools rugby. What do you mean you missed it? It’s easily our favourite Sri Lanka schools rugby tournament.

Obviously we weren’t watching, but the match has come to our attention due to this pre-match brawl. Trinity (the teenagers trying to look tough in the yellow, red and black shirts) decide to do a haka for reasons that aren’t entirely clear and their rivals, the Royal College (the teenagers trying to look tough in the black and yellow shirts) take offence to it, possibly asking such questions as ‘what is the point of this?’ and ‘your mum’.

Anyway, what follows is a few minutes hormonal teenage squaring up to each and pretending they’re grown-ups with hi-larious consequences and commentary. It’s not big, it’s not clever, but it is very amusing.


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