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Welcome to Newcastle – the best Joe Kinnear quotes from last night’s interview

by Aidan Elder | June 18, 2013
NO ORDINARY JOE - Already Kinnear has made an impact at Newcastle. Just not the one most fans would have wanted (pic: Inpho)

NO ORDINARY JOE – Already Kinnear has made an impact at Newcastle. Just not the one most fans would have wanted (pic: Inpho)

He’s barely got his feet in the door and already Joe Kinnear is ruffling a few feathers around Newcastle. And by ‘ruffling a few feathers’ I do in fact mean ‘doing the verbal equivalent of ripping his shirt off, tying his tie around his head and beating chest shouting ‘come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’.

After giving an expletive-laden interview over the weekend, Kinnear (66) spoke to Talksport last night to clear the air. We’re not sure he achieved that objective, but here are some of the choice quote from the chat:

On the Newcastle media …

The trouble is there are a lot of Geordies up there who are influenced from the media set. And the fact is that I stood up to about 100 journalists that night – it was the same night we beat Tottenham 2-1. Lots of them – not all of the the Geordie fans – were sucked in to it. If they’d looked at what I’d done in the job carefully, they would have said I done a good job

That’s the name of the game …

They’ve got some magnificent midfield players – Tiote, Ben Afra [sic], Yohan Kebabs [sic], Sissoko. They’re very solid in that game. Upfront, last season we lost our top goalscorer when Demba Ba went to Chelsea. Then you have someone like Cissy [sic] who was the next top goalscorer with eight. Then there was a big drop. Cabaye got a few, Hatem Ben Afri [sic] but we need someone to assist Cissy

No ego …

I’m having lunch with Alan Pardew to discuss our gameplan for the new season. We both have the final say on players coming into the club. And we’ve got Graeme Carr as well. We’ll discuss the strengths and weaknesses between us. No-one’s got an ego. I don’t have an ego.

That’s the name of the game … [Part 2]

I brought Krul there. He’s a terrific goalkeeper. Shoala Anamobi [sic] is still there. Goatierrez [sic] is still there. I know enough of the players, but we’re still short some quality players

MEAT AND DRINK TO HIM - Yohan Kebabs is one of the Newcastle players Kinnear is happy with

MEAT AND DRINK TO HIM – Yohan Kebabs is one of the Newcastle players Kinnear is happy with

That pesky media again …

Already they’re jumping on the bandwagon – ‘Oh watch out Pardo’ – that’s the snidey press. That’s the people up there and around the area that I’ve upset who have a grudge. I expect it so it’s water off a duck’s arse

No ego … [Part 2]

Managers these days are lucky to last two seasons. The fans always stamp their feet and if they’re not happy with what’s going on the the manager gets the bullet. Unfortunately for them, I’ve never been sacked in my life. Look at my record

A proven track record … kind of

When you’re at Wimbledon, there ain’t no budget. You find the players yourself. We didn’t have any scouts. We went to non-league places and found players. We trained them and worked with them and sold them for millions. It’s as simple as that

People say I haven’t got experience in buying and selling players, sure I have. I bought Dean Holdsworth for 50 grand, sold him for £3 million. I sold John Scales for £3 million, I think he was a free transfer. I sold Robbie Earle for X, Y and Z

No ego … [Part 3]

They keep saying to me ‘what did I do?’ Where have these people been? Have they been on another planet? I’ve played in five cup finals and won the lot. I’ve had over 400 games for Tottenham Hotspur. I’ve been manager of the year three times. I’ve traveled the world as a manager

Time for some brown-nosing

I think Michael (Ashley) is a very generous owner and he’s one of the best owners in the business to work for. We’ll make money on certain players, but we will be getting finance to come in and take other players. If we spell it out to him that we need a quality striker, I’m sure he’ll pay up

Ready, willing and table?

The owner wants us to be successful. He doesn’t want us to ever be in the position that he found us. We finished fifth two seasons ago and last season we finished 15th or 16th from the bottom

To all the haters …

To all the Newcastle fans who don’t support this decision, what do they want? I heard that silly comment ‘what can I attract?’. I can open the door to any football manager in the world – anyone. I spent my whole life picking up the phone and talking to Alex Ferguson – week in, week out – ‘what would you do? What would you do? What would you do?’. I can pick the phone up at any time of the day and speak to Arsene Wenger. I can pick the phone up and speak to any manager in the league – any manager in all divisions

A work of smart

I don’t know what angle they’ve got. Some of them are talking out of their backside. a load of tosh and I’m not accepting it. I’ve certainly got more intelligence than them


It should be another entertaining season on Tyneside. Toon in for all the latest Newcastle odds for the 2013/14 season


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