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Betdash: Get in to the swing of Wimbledon by betting like a billionaire

by Rob Dore | June 25, 2013


The Williams sisters, Sharapova, those two English girls who have no chance of winning, the girl dating Rory McIlroy and there’s quite a few ending on ‘ova’ or ‘enka’. If you only follow women’s tennis during Wimbledon you’re probably not going to know who most of the players are. Unless they’re particularly attractive or they’re dating someone from a sport you watch all year round. The same will apply to the men too

You’ll happily watch them play and not just for the short skirts/shorts, the grunting and the way they caress their balls before serving. But when it comes to placing bets you’re more likely to stick to the few players you know. Who are probably the best players. Which means during the early stages of the competition their prices are going to be a little short.

This is where Betdash comes in.

You buy into the game for a stake of anything between £2 and £200 and Paddy Power presents you with a virtual bankroll of £100k.

With £100k to play with you can back whoever catches your fancy. On the Betdash site you can bet on every game, before and during the play, no matter how unpronounceable the names may be.

The challenge is to turn this £100k in to £1 million within 10 days, proving yourself to be the shrewdest and smartest punter around. Or the luckiest. No one can prove the difference.

Over the next 10 days you can bet on every game at Wimbledon, including live betting during the games, risking thousands of pounds as you try to break the £1 million barrier. After 10 days Paddy pays out real money based on how much you originally staked, your level of difficulty and your final bankroll.

You have the chance to win up to 25 times your original stake. So for a £5 stake you could bet like a billionaire, with very little risk and still be cashing out a tidy £125 at the end of it. If you hit the £100 million mark on the game you could win up to 1,000 times your original stake.

Team up Betdash and Wimbledon for the next few weeks and you could do a lot more than Doubles your money.



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