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Here’s a free bet on Wimbledon courtesy of Paddy Power Vegas

by Josh Powell | July 1, 2013

Vegas x-sell Wimbledon hdr

In between watching re-runs of Ocean’s Eleven and listening to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, the good people over at Paddy Power Vegas have dipped into a bit of the action at SW19. It’s not all about practicing their card tricks and straightening out their bow ties in that end of the building and the Vegas team have whipped together a Wimbledon offer that might even cheer Andy Murray up.

If you spend £1 or €1 on Paddy Power Vegas they’ll give you £5 (or €5) for free to use on Wimbledon this week.

That’s a free £5 bet for spending just £1. Complete madness on our behalf and probably the main reason why Sarah in HR is printing out so many P45’s.

You can hit the strip, take a spin on the roulette and then dip into a bit of Wimbledon from the comfort of your couch, office or bathroom – depending on the strictness of your boss and your own level of personal hygiene.

  • Follow this handy link to download the Vegas app on your phone or tablet
  • Set up an account
  • Submit your username by clicking here
  • Hey presto! Spend your £1 in Vegas and then enjoy your free £5 on Wimbledon
  • All the terms and conditions can be found by heading this way

The Paddy Power Vegas app brings the strip into your own living room without the hangover, or the risk of bumping into Nicklas Bendtner in your hotel corridor. Both are sure fire ways to ruin a holiday in Vegas.

Find out more about Paddy Power Vegas here

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YOUNG WILD AND FREE: Bendtner ruins Snoop Dogg’s holiday in Vegas.

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