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Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch enjoying their hols … but who’s that?!

by Aidan Elder | July 10, 2013

By Aidan Elder | Chief summer time-waster

Well the brief ‘not noticing there was no football on’ excitement that was generated by the beginning of the Ashes soon dissipated when we realised Test cricket is Test cricket and as such provides about one moment of mild interest per hour.

So, with our minds wandering, we’ve had another look at what footballers have been getting up to during their summer holidays. This time, it’s Abbey Clancy who somehow managed to bag, stunner, Peter Crouch. They’re on holidays somewhere sunny most likely full of yachts and deck shoes.

But wait – that waiter looks oddly familiar. Hmmm …


Yes, we’re bored without the football, but we’re also guessing you might be too. If you missed it, check out part one in this sporadic series of what John Terry is doing for the summer

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