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Mildly amusing GIF: Woman attacked by flag on slow news day

by Aidan Elder | July 14, 2013

First things first – this probably isn’t the best GIF you’ll ever see. It probably isn’t even the best GIF you’ll see on Sunday evening.

Still though, no-one threw piss at Mark Cavendish on the Tour today and Danny Welbeck isn’t playing football today, so there’s limited choice.

This Cork supporter had to fight off a rogue flag in the build-up to today’s Munster Hurling Final. At first she tries to carry on, but it happens again and she looks ready to unleash some f-bombs on the clumsy flag waver. We’ll never know what happened because wisely, the director decided to cut away from the rising anger.

We hope it didn’t spoil her enjoyment of the game. That’s the job of the Cork hurlers.

At least she wasn’t hurt, which is more than can be said for the woman involved in this hilarious, but painful looking pinata incident.


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