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VIDEO: Italians knocking each others block off in the name of sport

by Aidan Elder | July 14, 2013

Say hello to Calcio Storico. It’s Italian in keeping with a country that allows to Silvio Berlusconi to repeatedly run the country, it defies logic.

They say it’s a sport, but it’s really more of a mass with the occasional appearance of a ball. They ‘played’ (that’s really not the right word) the final a couple of weeks ago. We don’t know who ended up winning, other than the doctors and dentists of the Florence region.

Benito Mussolini claimed this game was the origin of modern association football, but that was an erroneous claim used as fascist propaganda.  Clearly this has little to do with what we now call football – other than Stoke’s style of play obviously.

Funnily enough, they actually keep score and it’s not just based on how many opponents’ teeth you can knock out. The clip is nearly an hour long, so unless you work in the Paddy Power Marketing Department, you probably won’t have the time to watch it all the way through.

Just sift through the best bits and given it’s mainly Italian men beating seven shades of spagetti out of each other, the best bits start at around 00:00 and goes until about 55:11.


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