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Amusing GIF: A swift kick in the arse for your Monday

by Aidan Elder | July 15, 2013

It’s pre-season friendly time around Europe and although that normally means a load of boring matches that make ‘listening to a Mark Lawrenson commentary’ vaguely appealing, there are sometimes a few moments to savour.

Like this one that happened on Saturday night in Switzerland where Porto and Marseille met in a pre-season friendly that even Swiss people didn’t think was interesting enough to attend en masse. If they did know it wasn’t going to be especially ‘friendly’ then maybe they might have turned up, although they are Swiss so we’re not sure the promise of violence is that strong a selling point.

It did however provide a moment of GIF gold thanks to OM defender, Jermey Morel getting a bit ‘Father Ted kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse’. There’s some very minor scuffling with Danilo, the Porto player flops to the ground and Morel kicks the ball at his arse. The rolling around on the ground is a bit excessive, but you never know, for reasons our legal department won’t let us discuss, there are any number of reasons as to why he could be rather sensitive in that region.

Obviously you can’t hear it on a GIF, but in the video footage, the French commentator even gives it an animated ‘ooh la la’. Tres bien, l’internet.


We barely care about Porto and Marseille in proper matches, let alone inconsequential friendlies, but if you are someone who desperately needs closure, Porto won 3-0.


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