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GIF: Wayne who? Manchester United hit five past some Australian pub team

by Josh Powell | July 20, 2013

There were no signs that Manchester United were missing Wayne Rooney on Saturday morning as they thumped the A League All-Stars 5-1 in Sydney.

OK, so it might not be Champions League standard but the money-making holiday pre-season tour games are important and you can only batter the pub team that’s put in front of you. Although admittedly, any team that starts Liam Miller in an ‘All-Star’ match can’t be taking their football too seriously.

Danny Welbeck bagged a brace, as did 20-year-old Jesse Lingard who has moved up through the youth levels at the club. Robin van Persie came off the bench to bang in a fifth just in case anybody forgot he was still knocking around.

In the grand scheme of things this result means nothing. It gives us no evidence whether United can win the title with or without Rooney but it does give us an excuse to watch this tidy little GIF of Lingard smashing in his second.

This one stayed hit. (1)

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