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GIF: The comedy OG that gave Manchester United the lead in Japan

by Aidan Elder | July 23, 2013

Manchester United’s attempt to increase the strength of their brand among affluent Japanese people pre-season friendly against Yokohama F-Marinos didn’t start very well. They went behind after just a minute, but then proceeded to be marginally less crap, going in 2-1 at the break.

As the phrase ‘marginally less crap’ suggests, they were far from impressive and needed this comedy intervention from F-Marinos’ defence.

First up, the goalkeeper Tetsuya Enomoto, gets nowhere near clearing the cross and to make a bad situation into an embarrassing GIF, Masakazu Tashiro compounds the error. His touch is a little on the ‘Frankie Boyle joke’ side of subtlety and his amusing scramble to stop it going over the line just falls short of preventing the goal.

And yes, it is over the line. You don’t need Howard Webb giving you favourable decisions to confirm that.



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