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VIDEO: An amusing mass brawl from angry men with sticks

by Aidan Elder | July 26, 2013

Here in the Paddy Power Blog, we despair about violence in sport. In sports we actually give a toss about. It’s fine in lacrosse. Beat the heads off each other lads, that’s the only way we’re going to pay any attention to you. We like the way you through the ball from one fishnet to another – that’s skillful.

That’s what happened when the Brooklin Redman hosted the Oakville Rock in some division we could care less about. Probably frustrated by the fact they’re playing lacrosse, the players succumb to a wave of violence that would have got much more coverage if it was in a sport that people actually watch.

It’s no downright insanity of Calcio Storica but it’s still great – firstly because of the mindless violence and secondly because of the commentators odds mixture of shock and glee and the chaotic scenes. Enjoy.

The #25 in the white jersey deserves a special shout-out for his particularly determined slugging. Well done sir, you’re keeping the stereotype of the angry short man well and truly alive.


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