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Tom Ince is the main man, but Blackpool fans would be delighted if Charlie Adam returned

by Josh Powell | July 28, 2013
LIKE FATHER LIKE SON: Tom Ince is a terrace hero, but has a tendency to get frustrated on the pitch

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON: Tom Ince is a terrace hero, but has a tendency to get frustrated on the pitch

Championship previews | Blackpool

Real Championship football fans give the Paddy Power Blog their honest previews for the new season. Here’s John Campbell (@johnpcampbell) from the Blackpool Blog on Tom Ince, the Tangerines’ dream signing and their new pitch!

State of play: We ended up mid-table after a wobble in the middle of last season and over the summer there has been a huge transformation with more than 10 players leaving the club. The rebuilding of the squad had been slow but progress is just starting to be made. Everyone has been impressed by the players brought in so far, we just need a few more good deals before the window closes.

The other teams in the Championship will be pleased to know we have a new pitch!

How’s the gaffer? Paul Ince is doing well, he really stabilised us last season and has been honest about the transfers this summer. His style of play is still in question as last season we were too defensive, but that may have been due to the league situation and our pitch. The signs so far are that we look like we’ll be a bit more attacking this season which is good.

Terrace hero: Tom Ince will be if he stays, or Matt Phillips if he’s fit. Out of the new players, Michael Chopra if he finds his scoring boots, and not the local casinos. We’ve also signed Steven Davies from Bristol City who is a proven scorer at this level. All have a good chance to become Blackpool heroes, however I hope Tom Ince steps up to the plate.

Big-time Charlie: I think boss Paul Ince got rid of them all over summer, however his son Tom has the tendency to get frustrated. Luckily just not often enough to stop him being our main man.

Worst away ground in the Championship and why? They are all pretty good, however Yeovil isn’t great and it’s a bit far to get to.

Which Championship side have the best away fans? This year there’s no stand out fans apart from ourselves! Yeovil fans in the past let off flares at Bloomfield Road and they’ll have a lot of fun in their first year in the Championship for sure.

Who is your dream Championship signing? Charlie Adam, he was great for us in the Premiership and in the Championship too.

What is your best terrace chant? We had a good one about Ludo Sylvestre but unfortunately he left. It’s hard to beat a rendition of…

‘Paul Ince’s Tangerine Army, clap, clap, clap, clap, Ince’s Dad’s Tangerine Army, clap, clap, clap, clap’

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