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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Leaked team radio of Lewis Hamilton at the Hungarian GP

by Aidan Elder | July 29, 2013

Lewis Hamilton (28) recorded his first victory as a Mercedes driver at the Hungarian Grand Prix over the weekend.

What should have been a moment of huge relief for the 2008 world champion turned into a somber (and very amusing) one as Hamilton revealed that ‘on again, off again, on again, off again, on for a bit more again, these kids might really make it after all and no, now it’s off again for good’ former girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger had been on his mind ‘throughout the race’.

The thought on my mind through the whole race was of someone who is special to me and I wanted to dedicate it to her

he told the media afterwards in a far cry from the James Hunt, ‘sex – the breakfast of champions’ playboy style often associated with F1 drivers.

Anyway, Paddy Power have obtained this exclusive team radio of Hamilton in those crucial and emotional closing laps.



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