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GIF: An amazing miss from a not so supersub

by Aidan Elder | July 29, 2013

First game of the new season. You’re full of enthusiasm. This is going to be your year. Start as you mean to go on and all that.

Hopefully this isn’t how Jamal Thiare hopes the season will go. The Belgian league kicked off this weekend and the Sporting Charleroi striker wasted no time in providing us with a comedy howler well worthy of some Monday morning mocking.

Coming on in the 75th minute with his team 1-0 down, the ‘supersub’ latched on to a through ball, sent the goalkeeper and defender the wrong way, but just when it comes to sliding the ball into an empty net, it goes horribly wrong. And by ‘horribly’, we mean ‘humourously’. They lost 2-0 in the end, but more improtantly, gave us the chance to coin the phrase ‘bloopersub’.

Here it is in its GIF glory:


And here it is in its video glory:


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