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GIF: Crazy moment as goalkeeper gets sent off in 1st minute

by Aidan Elder | July 30, 2013

Having watched David James for much of the last two decades, we’d thought we’d seen every variation of the goalkeeping howler we could imagine. Thankfully we were wrong.

Coming from the Swedish second division is this moment of insanity featuring a young man by the name of Peter Abrahamsson. He plays for Orgryte, although last night he played just 45 seconds for them as they took on Hammarby.

Dealing with a through ball like Justin Bieber handles moderate and justified criticism, the goalie decides he won’t get his head to it and decides to punch the ball clear, despite the ever so small issue of being approximately four metres outside his penalty area. You’re not going to get away with that? Who do you think you are? Maradona?

The referee had no choice but to send him off inside the first minute, Abrahamsson had no choice but to feign ignorance and Hammarby had no choice but to win the game rather easily – 3-0 as it happened.


Strangely, the goalkeeper didn’t hang around for a post-match interview or some finger food as a source told the Paddy Power Blog;

“He disappeared after the game. It was a bad bounce and a bad decision. He just wanted to hide.”

We couldn’t blame him.


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