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GIF: Possibly the worst fist pump you’re ever likely to see

by Aidan Elder | July 31, 2013

If you’re an early worm and you like to catch some juicy e-worms (‘e’ in this case standing for ‘electronic’ rather than ‘earth’) then you may have already seen this today. That doesn’t make it any less funny.

The fist-pump has become the standard gesture for a momentary triumph within a sporting contest. A small victory within the metaphorical ‘war’ of the match. Sadly, not everyone has mastered it – notably and hilariously, Chad Qualls of the Miami Marlins.

After securing a strikeout that seemed crucial at the time, but felt less useful when they went on to lose to the New York Mets, he couldn’t help but express his delight via the medium of excited fist pump. Sadly, it didn’t go well and he took a tumble. We even get a moment of the classic ‘I’m alright’ pretending to be cool recovery. Unless you’re the Fonz, it never works.

Here it is in GIF form for you to enjoy on repeat until it’s no longer funny. You might want to keep your evening free.



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