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Tottenham hold firm on Bale as the saga continues

by Aidan Elder | July 31, 2013

If you’ve looked at the back of a newspaper or clicked on to the sports section of a website at any stage in the last week, the chances are you saw the slightly simian face of Gareth Bale looking back at you.

With Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy supposedly playing hardball in order to get Real Madrid to dig as far down the back of the sofa as they can for loose change, it’s been dragging on a while. It’s been dragging on a lot in fact, especially if you’ve already realised:

  • (a) he doesn’t want to play for Spurs anymore
  • (b) Real Madrid are somewhat better than Spurs

Even the addition of vague talk about a ‘world record fee’ hasn’t done much to increase the interest and unless you’re a member of the Bale family, his agent or a die-hard Spurs fan, you’re probably feeling something like the majority in our not very scientific study.


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