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CLASSIC VIDEO: A super fiasco from Super Rugby

by Aidan Elder | August 2, 2013

It’s the final of Super Rugby on Saturday morning as the Chiefs take on the Brumbies. That’s enough of a tenuous link to relive some classic Super 12 calamity from ten years ago.

With time running out, the New South Wales Waratahs needed two tries to make it into the semi-finals. They’re on the attack and they’ve got advantage. Now the general wisdom would be to use that advantage to force over one of those tries and then go again in the closing minutes, but instead what we got was a surreal series of events.

Tahs’ prop, Matt Dunning has a long range (considering he’s a prop) attempt at a drop goal and much to everyone’s surprise – including his own – it sailed over, negating the advantage and giving the Tahs three points they didn’t want nearly as much as a try. No-one can quite believe it, leading to some amusing scenes of confusion. Brilliant.

If we get anything like this level of hilarity in this year’s decider, it’ll have been well worthwhile getting up that early on a weekend morning.



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