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VIDEO: Being stuck for a tissue and having to use a €50 note #PuntersProblems

by Josh Powell | August 2, 2013

It’s every punter’s worst nightmare. You’re stood next to the RTE lads interviewing some guesser called Barry and the umbrella your pal’s holding isn’t stopping the rain. Worse news is that you’re stuck for a hankey/tissue/whatever people under 65 years of age carry in their sleeve as an alternative to dry your face. Luckily you’ve had a couple of winners on the gee-gees and there’s a €50 note in your top pocket.

Recession? What recession?

Fair play to this fella at Galway who has jokingly shown a complete disregard to the financial crisis by mopping his brow with a crisp note. 50 Cent would be proud, not that that fella knows who 50 Cent is or why his name is a value of American currency. He’s too busy picking winners to care.

Kudos to you good sir, your flamboyant show of success and jovial fun amused us all.


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