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GIF: Man who throws a ball for a living is not very good at throwing said ball

by Rob Dore | August 3, 2013

In less politically correct times I might say Melky Cabrera, the subject of the below GIF, throws like a girl. Not only would that be terribly misogynistic but it would also do a disservice to how bad his effort was. Even the feeblest armed little girl with no hand eye-coordination would have propelled the ball forward, if only a matter of inches.

This failed throw cost the BLue Jays a run in a game they would go on to lose 8-2 to the LA Angels.

Cabreara was put on the injured list the very next day due to an apparent left knee strain. I would say something about him really being sick with embarrassment but his links to the ongoing Biogenesis PED case  may be a more likely, if less humorous, explanation.


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