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Ball of Shame: Free Bet for all Blackpool team page fans after pitch invasion

by Rob Dore | August 6, 2013


We weren’t planning on launching our Ball of Shame campaign just yet but acts of shame, like venereal diseases, rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune moments. What? I caught it off a toilet seat….called Sharon.

‘What the f*** is Ball of Shame’ I hear you ask? First off there’s no need to swear at me but I’m glad you did. You’re already getting in to the swing of this campaign. It’s about bad and shameful, but not evil, behaviour.

Simply put, this season we’re going to reward you for the mad and bad behaviour suffered by your team and top flight football. A South American striker goes a little Hannibal Lector on your defender, a European winger kicks your ball-boy or the opposing fans indulge in some pitch invading. These could all result in you getting money back, a free bet or even, try not to lose your shit here, a pair of our world famous Paddy Power Lucky pants. I’m starting to question just how lucky they are though. I’ve had the same pair on for three months now and I can’t even get a woman to talk to me in a club.

So our very first Ball of Shame act is to give everyone who has registered as a Blackpool fan on our team pages a free £10 bet following the shameful, but not too sinister, pitch invasion during their Carling Cup loss to Preston on Monday night.

Don’t forget to register your allegiance on our football team pages to make sure you don’t miss out when your team hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Terms & Conditions

  • £10 free bet is credited to all existing customers with Blackpool selected as their team page.
  • We will also credit a £10 free bet to any new customer that signs up before Friday and registers Blackpool as their team. These free bets will be credited by 11am on Friday 9th August.
  • Offer does not apply to existing customers that change their team page to Blackpool.

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