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VIDEO: Crazy ‘double run out’ in the T20 cricket

by Aidan Elder | August 7, 2013

With the possible exception of ‘getting out to whatever passes as an Aussie spinner these days’, the run out is arguably the stupidest way to suffer a dismissal in cricket.

One is infuriating enough, but Surrey managed something special by getting two players ran out on the same ball in last night’s Twenty20 Cup quarter-final against Somerset.

First up, they attempt a ‘not-quick-enough’ quick single which results in a direct hit and the umpire sending the decision upstairs. With the ball still in play however and the decision still pending, they go for another run only for the batsman, Gary Wilson to be short of his ground.

Obviously, only one batsmen can be out on the ball and in the end, Zafar Ansari (the batsman from run out #1) somehow survived despite looking to be short of his ground with Gary Wilson being left as the one muttering obscenities under his breath as he walked back to the pavilion.

Surrey still went on to win making it less calamitous than it might have been, but Mike Atherton’s bemused commentary captures the bizarre scene very nicely.


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